Buyer beware: Mozilla deal demands up to $1 billion after Yahoo’s sale, Recode says

According to a contract seen by Recode, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer struck a deal with Mozilla in 2014 specifying annual payments of $375 million (£290 million) to the browser creator in exchange for Yahoo’s search engine appearing in the default position on Firefox. That $375 million price tag will be paid out every year until 2019 one way or another—even if Mozilla doesn’t like the company that buys Yahoo and decides to walk away.

Of course, if Mozilla decides it likes whichever company buys the embattled search giant, then payments continue as before and the new owner of Yahoo’s search engine retains the default position on the browser.

The trick then, is, finding a buyer that is committed to keeping Yahoo’s search product robust, Recode says, at least for the next three years. If a potential buyer was thinking of abandoning search, however, that could come at a very steep price, as it would send Mozilla searching for a better search engine to serve up to its users.

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Baby elephant in India grieves over body of dead mother

COIMBATORE, India – A three-year-old elephant, grieving over the death of its mother following a fight with another animal on Wednesday,  refused to leave her body, forest officials said.

Astronomers spy giant planet, three stars in odd celestial ballet

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (Reuters) – Astronomers have discovered a planet unlike any other ever found, one that loops widely around one star that is locked in a gravitational embrace with two others in a triple-star system, creating a curious celestial ballet.

Dividend-focused fund managers find more appeal in U.S. consumer stocks

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Responsible investment group may toss firms for lack of effort

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Newborn mountain lion cubs discovered near Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES – Five newborn mountain lion cubs from two litters have been discovered in the mountains on the outskirts of the city, the U.S. National Park Service said.

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‘Fallen angel’ ETFs bet big on further energy renaissance

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The top-performing high-yield bond exchange-traded fund is betting big that energy companies will not be deadbeats.