Titanfall 2: Proof that grappling hooks make everything better

If video games have taught us anything it’s that grappling hooks make everything better. Nintendo knew it with Zelda, Avalanche Studios knew it with Just Cause, and Respawn Entertainment knows it with Titanfall 2. With one simple addition, Titanfall—which pitches humans against mechs on the battlefield—goes from an already fast shooter to an even faster one for the sequel, a shooter where rodeo riding a ten foot Titan before chucking a grenade into the unsuspecting pilot’s cockpit is a mere flick of a grappling hook away.

Titanfall was always stupid fun. Titanfall 2 is even stupider fun.

That’s good for shooter players like me who, not for want of trying, aren’t exactly skilled when it comes to hitting rapidly moving targets with a virtual gun and an analogue stick. Accessibility has always been Titanfall’s forte, despite being a multiplayer-only game. And while Titanfall 2 does introduce a story mode for those that don’t want to play online at all (it’s not on show just yet, but you can see the trailer here), I’m relived to find the accessibility of the multiplayer hasn’t suffered as a result. If anything, it’s even better.

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