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China, the world’s second-largest economy that is undergoing tremendous restructuring, has entered an era of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”, indicating individuals’ enthusiasm to start their own business and pursue their own dreams, rather than being a routine worker.

It is said that only one percent of startups have the chance to succeed and this one-percent possibility is proving to be irresistible to those who want to change the established market needs, the established technologies, the established corporate world, etc.

However, setting up a new business from scratch and scaling it up is not an easy task as market always changes and those who fail to catch up are destined to be wiped out.

Startup founders must have a lot to share about their ideas, business proposals, action plans, financing plans, problems and challenges in their battle with the established peers.

They might also be willing to see how experts, consumers and investors view their products or services.

China Daily serves as a platform for them to meet as reporters from this media organization interview all the relevant stakeholders of each prominent startup to give readers like you a full picture of “innovative China”.

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