Review: Airmail, an e-mail client that I don’t hate

E-mail clients are a personal thing. Something I love is not necessarily something you love, and I’m okay with that. Maybe I’m just picky, but I am an equal opportunity hater when it comes to email clients, and I’ve tried quite a few. A couple of years ago I stumbled upon Airmail and never looked back. Bloop just released Airmail version 3.0 last month.

Back in the day I used Eudora, but I’ve also used Thunderbird, Outlook, and Apple’s own Mail client. In Mac OS 9 days, I even tried out a client called Nisus Email. There are many more that have briefly messed up my inbox and then gone. I don’t mind paying for an e-mail client, but it has to do its job the way I want it to. So what do I want it to do?

The first thing is that it should not be integrated with its own calendar or to-do list. This sounds strange, but I often find myself reading an e-mail that has a list of dates and times for a possible event. In an integrated client, I have to flip back and forth between tabs to really check those dates. Sure, you can usually get a mini-calendar to one side, but then you have to click through day-by-day. If the applications are separate, I can put them side by side and get a much clearer view. This works especially well when I have more than a single screen available.

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