Pound continues Brexit decline as Japan and China voice UK investment fears

China says companies may wait and see before investing in UK while Japan urges Britain to ‘listen to’ its 1,000 companies trading with the nation

Officials in Japan and China warned of new threats to the health of the UK and global economy in the aftermath of Britain’s leave decision as the pound continued to fall and Asian markets on Monday struggled to recoup heavy losses.

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ヒッチンズ駐日英国大使は、6月27日(月)、フィリップ・ハモンド外相の書簡を岸田文雄外相へ届けました。書簡全文はこちら⇒https://t.co/lmhgFRLoID @UKAmbTim pic.twitter.com/lyZvzkUMb8

It is safe to assume investors are not yet done with all the selling

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