Of Course Apple Won’t Actually Let You Delete Default Apps

One of the coolest things about iOS 10 isn’t so cool, after all.

After Apple announced its new iPhone and iPad operating system this week, developers discovered that users who upgrade will apparently be able to remove annoying apps that come preloaded onto their devices.

Apps like Stocks, Videos and iBooks have long been iPhone staples, but many of us never use them. Perhaps you keep them in a separate folder labeled with the poop emoji:

But Techcrunch burst our bubble Thursday, reporting that you’ll be able to remove these app icons from your home screen in iOS 10 but that doing so won’t actually delete the apps.

“Because these pre-loaded services are baked into iOS, the application binary remains present,” Techcrunch wrote, paraphrasing Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering.

“That’s a detail that is very much under the hood, and almost all users who do delete the apps won’t know any different,” the outlet added.

Of course, now you know. And it shouldn’t surprise you. Apple is famously bullish about locking down its brand, at one time going so far to disable iPhones that were repaired by third-party services. Admitting that people may not want stocks data on their iOS devices might be too much.

So, you can remove the icon, but deep down you’ll know that Find Friends is slurping up space on your iPhone forevermore. 

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