BitTorrent Announces iOS and tvOS Apps for New Media Streaming Platform

BitTorrent has announced it is launching a new content distribution app called BitTorrent Now, which lets users stream music and video from a library of independent artists and filmmakers.

The app will soon be available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, and offers a catalogue of free, paid, and ad-supported, on-demand content, including VR content as and when it becomes available.

BitTorrent Now

Use of BitTorrent’s Bundle format will allow content creators to require users to register or pay for media distributed through the platform, and give them greater control over how their content is offered, presented, and shared:

This is what happens when artists have agency: our shared culture becomes more diverse, more whole; more sustainable. And that’s why we started BitTorrent Bundle: to give artists options. Not rules. The freedom to share your story, no matter what form it takes. The right to know, understand, and reach your audience. The right to choose your business model.

The app’s launch can be seen as an attempt by the company to distance itself from the file-sharing protocol of the same name and reframe its brand as a legitimate media service, quite apart from the pirated content often associated with the peer-to-peer network.

The app doesn’t currently rely on peer-to-peer technology, although The Verge reports that BitTorrent is working to include support.

BitTorrent Now is “coming soon” to iOS and Apple TV. Those who request an invite to the service will receive updates on its availability.

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