Chris Weigant: Elizabeth Warren Wows Ohio

Either Elizabeth Warren just made Hillary Clinton’s vice-presidential choice a lot harder or a lot easier, depending on how you see her strategic decision-making process and how much chance you think a Clinton/Warren ticket has of becoming reality.

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US stock markets sink again following Brexit vote

Major markets see biggest two-day fall in 10 months, but Moody’s analyst says referendum result may not cause real damage to US economy

US stock markets were rocked again on Monday by the aftershocks of the UK’s referendum decision to quit the European Union.

Since the results became known on Thursday, the major US markets have suffered their biggest two-day fall in 10 months. Monday’s dips came as the pound collapsed to its lowest point since 1985 and the UK lost its triple-A credit rating.

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Apax raises $7.9 billion for its global fund: source

(Reuters) – Private equity firm Apax Partners [APAX.UL] has secured $7.9 billion for its latest pool of capital, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Facebook rolls out Slideshow movie-maker to compete with Google and Apple

Facebook iOS Slideshow Most people can’t shoot compelling videos, and static photos are boring. That’s why the tech giants are all pushing their own versions of automatic movie makers based on your media. This month, Apple announced its version called Memories coming to iOS 10 Photos, Google Photos already has its Movies Assistant, and today Facebook is rolling out Slideshow to all iOS users around… Read More

UK loses triple-A credit rating after Brexit vote

Standard & Poor’s issues downgrade and pound hits 31-year low despite chancellor’s attempts to soothe markets

Britain loses triple-A credit rating – live updates

The UK has been stripped of its last AAA rating as credit agency Standard & Poor’s warned of the economic, fiscal and constitutional risks the country now faces as a result of the EU referendum result.

The two-notch downgrade came with a warning that S&P could slash its rating again. It described the result of the vote as “a seminal event” that would “lead to a less predictable stable and effective policy framework in the UK”.

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Google Earth and Maps get sharper satellite imagery with new update

Columbia Glacier, Alaska Several years ago, Google engineers figured out a way to stitch together satellite imagery to remove clouds, giving Google Earth and Google Maps users a better and more comprehensive view of the ground below. Today, the company has repeated the process, but this time with newer, crisper imagery from NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)’s Landsat 8 satellite. When Google first… Read More

Meet the team hacking Sundar Pichai and Channing Tatum

Sundar Pichai If you follow tech executives or famous actors on Twitter, you’ve probably seen references to something called OurMine several times over the last few weeks. That’s because a group of three hackers called OurMine have been finding their way into accounts belonging to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels and “Magic Mike” star… Read More

Fujifilm finally updates its smartphone photo printer

fujifilm It’s been a long time coming, but Fujifilm’s finally ready to offer up the sequel to its Instax Share Smartphone Printer SP-1. Two-and-a-half years after debuting the peripheral at CES, the company returns this week with the fittingly named Instax Share SP-2, which promises some key improvements over its warmly received predecessor. Read More