7 Feature Movies About Female Entrepreneurs

After I wrote8 Lessons For Female Entrepreneurs From Jennifer Lawrence’s Character in ‘Joy’a few weeks ago, I was inspired to binge watch movies on female business owners as I eagerly wait to see if Jennifer Lawrence will indeed win on her best-actress nomination. Sadly, there aren’t many. But as we […]

Nike Begins The End of High School Football As We Know It

A recently released NCAA survey found only 24 percent of football players reported playing any club or travel team football in high school, the least among any sport. Expect that number to go up significantly in the next few years, thanks to this nugget reported recently by Dennis Dodd at […]

Does The 5th Wave’s Initial Box Office Take Mean A Decline In Children’s Book Adaptations?

This weekend the adaptation of the first book in Rick Yancey’s New York Times best-selling The 5th Wave trilogy released but was unable to dethroneThe Revenant andStar Wars: The Force Awakensfor the top spots at the box office. Thefilm came in sixth place with $10.7 millionin U.S.sales as of this […]

Minnesota Student Loan Refinance Program Explained

This month, the state of Minnesota launched a student loan refinance program. The SELF Refi Program, which is only available to qualified residents of Minnesota, offers interest rates as low as 3%, variable. With more than $1.3 trillion of student loan debt in America, products are increasingly being created by […]

Report: Three Top Twitter Executives Depart

Three of Twitter’s top executives — Katie Jacobs Stanton, head of media, Kevin Weil, head of product and Alex Roetter, head of engineering — are leaving the company, according to reports in the tech blog Re/code.

Ooltewah: Exhibit A For Why Schools Must Crush Hazing Cultures

If the implosion going on in Tennessee at Ooltewah High School and its school district, the Hamilton County Department of Education, doesn’t convince school administrators and coaches everywhere that they can’t tolerate hazing in any form, that protecting the hides of themselves and their school’s reputation in the end will […]