DuPont CEO Kullman: ‘Crucial’ to engage with all stakeholders

BOSTON (Reuters) – DuPont Chief Executive Ellen Kullman said it is critical to keep engaging with all stakeholders in the company, signaling an open door policy less than five months after fending…

No Labour bloodbath but row on defence opens old wounds

For Corbyn, opposition to Trident is a key issue but to his critics it is a reminder of how out of step Labour’s pacifist leader George Lansbury was in the 1930s

It was a tale of two conferences over a week in which the dazzling Brighton sunshine of an Indian summer shone equally on all the delegates.

To supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, their Labour conference marked the start of a healing process within the party as MPs from other camps watched the new leader begin to explain his values to the nation.

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U.S. mutual funds that bet bigger on energy sector get burned

BOSTON (Reuters) – One-in-four U.S. large-cap mutual funds have increased their stakes in energy companies this year and many have suffered heavier losses than their peers as a result of ill-timed…

Berlin candy store offers 3D printed sweet treats

A German candy maker is hoping to tempt the taste-buds of Berliners with customized fruit gum sweets made with a 3D printer.

Senior regulator at Bank of England warns of risks of watering down reform

Paul Fisher, deputy head of the Bank’s regulatory arm, says new rules need to be tested in a crisis before being scaled back

A senior official at the Bank of England has warned of the risk of bowing to pressure from lobbyists in the banking industry who want to see a relaxation of rules introduced since the banking crisis.

Paul Fisher, one of the most senior regulators at the Bank, said the new regime – which will force banks to ringfence their high street operations from any investment banking operations – needed be tested during another crisis before any watering down took place.

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Carl Icahn says would ‘keep cash’ given market risks: CNBC

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn said on Wednesday he would recommend investors hold cash given market risks and that he was “seriously considering” buying “a lot more”…

Cash helping U.S. fund managers, even as they look to spend it

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Stock mutual fund managers who tucked extra cash under their mattresses this year have fared well: Protected from the worst of the recent selloff, they have generally…

Economic growth still within reasonable range

Recovery of world’s economy remains uncertain, as global stock markets, foreign exchanges and commodities markets perform with great volatility. Faced with such new situations, the State Council has remained unwavering in taking initiatives, promoting macro-management, deepening reform and encouraging mass entrepreneurship and innovation. China has been tackling risks and challenges effectively, ensuring stable growth which restores the faith and hope of many on global economic recovery.