‘Drinkable book’ cleans murky water

Field trials show a so-called “drinkable book” can kill bacteria in drinking water, thanks to metal nanoparticles embedded in its pages.

Granddaughter of actor Morgan Freeman stabbed to death

(Reuters) – Actor Morgan Freeman on Sunday announced the death of his granddaughter, Edena Hines, 33, who New York City police said was found fatally stabbed near her residence.

VIDEO: US continues to battle wildfires

Many people have been forced to flee their homes and one woman is believed to have died, as multiple wildfires continue to burn across the US.

Where Vancouver’s Tech Ecosystem Goes From Here

Vancouverskylinepurple Compass recently published its second report on the global startup ecosystem. The report is the result of more than 200 interviews with entrepreneurs from 25 different countries, 11,000 startup surveys and insight from data partners like CrunchBase, Deloitte and Dealroom, as well as more than 60 local partners. Our CEO, Ray Walia, was also quoted; he summarized Vancouver’s strengths in… Read More