Venmo’s Response To Questions About Security: Not Much

The payments service, soon to be spun off from eBay along with its parent company PayPal, has taken a distinctly ¯_(ツ)_/¯ approach to a damning story about its security flaws. On Friday, the general manager released a more detailed statement.

Matthew Zeitlin / Via Venmo

The trendy payment app Venmo is facing perhaps the worst public relations crisis in its short history: a damning Slate article detailing Venmo's lack of basic security and notification features, which leaves its users highly vulnerable to hackers.

And its response to the crisis, at least so far, suggests the company doesn't care to discuss how it plans to fix the app's serious problems. Venmo provided no comment for the Slate story, despite reporter Alison Griswold showing up at the company's New York offices (Slate and Venmo share a building).

The story led to a torrent of social media lamentation, with users promising to delete Venmo or at least delink their bank accounts from the app. And even this afternoon, responding to an enquiry from BuzzFeed News, Venmo showed little interest in addressing the story.

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