Our Long National Pet-Feeding Nightmare Is Coming To An End

Finally, the technology industry has developed a solution to a question that has plagued us for decades: How exactly do you feed a dog?


Pets are great, but feeding them? It's a challenge on par with the space program, and few have really mastered how to feed a dog.

There are so many variables to consider — what kind of animal is this? is it hungry? how much food should I give it? — that most of us just give up and don't feed our pets at all, leaving them to fend for themselves and find nutrition from couch cushions and strips of carpeting, like they do in the wild.

But no longer. A solution to the problem of feeding animals is being pieced together by Petnet, a Los Angeles tech company that has developed a kind of pet-feeding robot that connects, as all things must, to your iPhone.


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