How I upgraded my garden’s ugly drip system with a sexy OpenSprinkler

After a few hours of work alongside an electrical engineering buddy this week, my home garden drip system became powered by a Raspberry Pi. I can control the entire thing locally from my iPhone and, to be frank, it’s pretty flippin’ cool.

For some background, I’m a very lazy gardener. When my wife and I bought our house in 2012, our horticultural mission was Hippocratic (do no harm). In other words, we wanted—at the very least—to not kill the plants we inherited from the previous owners. So while some people relax when they do weeding or other green thumb-related activities, we find it tedious and uninspiring. I’m the guy who jumped at the chance to review the Estonian-made Click and Grow.

But our house came with a pre-installed drip system (if keeping score at home, it’s an Irritrol RD-600). It has a crazy-looking dial interface, and after consulting with friends, I decided it was best to just leave it alone. If the plants didn’t die, then that meant everything was working properly. Such was life for our first 18 months, until I discovered OpenSprinkler.

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