All public Facebook posts ever made are now searchable

Facebook Graph Search now includes posts and status updates in its results, according to a Facebook blog post Monday. Such searches will accept modifiers like time—“All of my posts from 2012” for instance—location, or people who participated.

This new aspect of Graph Search will take advantage of Facebook’s recently announced hashtags. One intended purpose is for users to search posts among different social groups for topic matter, e.g., “posts about Breaking Bad by my friends.” Graph Search will also allow searches based on tagged locations (“Posts from the Empire State Building”) or involvement of other users (“Posts my friend John Smith has commented on”).

The search is still subject to privacy controls, so users won’t be able to see results they couldn’t view otherwise. But this opens up all public posts ever, as well as any posted shared directly to each user, to aggregation, and it’s worth noting that Facebook updates are set to be public by default. Ostensibly, Facebook hopes that this will create a Twitter-like feed of activity that users can view and interact with.

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Bang With Friends hugs it out with Zynga, settles on new name “The Next Bang”

Two months ago, Zynga sued Bang With Friends, a smartphone app company that helps Facebook friends find out which one of their friends they’d like to do the hibbity-dibbity with. (Cupid’s target doesn’t alert that person unless they have chosen you back. Tricky!) Unsurprisingly, the makers of “Words with Friends” charged the younger upstart with trademark infringement among other allegations.

On Monday, the two companies officially settled their differences.

The Next Bang’s CEO, Colin Hodge, e-mailed Ars to say that the dispute has been swept under the rug.

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