Mexico’s Pemex says 6 injured at Miguel Hidalgo refinery, ops normal

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico state oil monopoly Pemex said on Tuesday six workers were injured in an accident at its second-biggest refinery, Miguel Hidalgo, but added output was not affected.

U.S. farm law expires again with lawmakers split on new bill

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Overshadowed by the government shutdown, the U.S. farm subsidy law expired for the second time on Tuesday with lawmakers still deadlocked over how to confront cuts in food assistance programs for low-income Americans.

New router combines your home and mobile networks into one faster pipe

Are you struggling to play Netflix on a 2Mbps Internet connection? A new cloud-connected router using the same type of multipath technology that Apple put in the iPhone might solve your problem.

Launched this week on Indiegogo, the $199-$289 system from Multipath Networks in Ireland combines connections such as DSL, cable, 3G, and 4G into one pipe. Up to four connections can be used at once.

The idea of aggregating mobile and wired signals in the home is an old one. But it certainly hasn’t become commonplace, and Multipath Networks takes advantage of the new Multipath TCP protocol that’s used in the iPhone to let Siri switch between Wi-Fi, 3G, and LTE quickly and seamlessly.

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Brazil judge dismisses case against Chevron, Transocean

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) – A Brazilian federal judge on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit against No. 2 U.S. oil company Chevron Corp after approving a negotiated settlement, a decision that closes a nearly two-year legal battle over an oil spill in November 2011.

Federal shutdown hits bitter Virginia governor’s race

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. government shutdown spilled on Tuesday into the bitter governor’s race in Virginia, where Republican Ken Cuccinelli hopes to avoid political damage from the federal closure powered by his allies in the conservative Tea Party movement.

Redpoint Ventures hires former Twitter executive

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 1 (Reuters) – Venture-capital firm Redpoint said on Tuesday it has hired Twitter’s former head of platform Ryan Sarver to be a partner.

Cleansing a Toxic Workplace

Don’t let difficult employees or co-workers derail productivity and turn your business into a toxic dump. These tips can help correct problem behaviors. When building a business, you likely focus on crunching numbers, crafting a business plan or devising sales strategies. But running a successful business also requires that entrepreneurs deal with the more human aspect of their business. And sometimes, that means dealing with employees who create a toxic atmosphere at work. A toxic work environment not only saps morale, it can suck the life out of your company’s bottom line. Think about it: employees forced to contend with one or more disruptive personalities can’t focus on the job at hand, which tanks productivity and drives performance into the ground. An article on Baseline Magazine discusses tips offered by Renee Evenson, an author and small-business consultant who specializes in workplace communication and conflict resolution. In her book, “Powerful Phrases for Dealing with Difficult People: Over 325 Ready-to-Use Words and Phrases for Working with Challenging Personalities,” she identifies toxic personality types, and provides useful tactics that you can employ to defuse the situation and to help restore a more productive workplace. Backstabbers: Mind your body language when talking with badmouthing colleagues. Don’t absently nod in agreement as they talk. That signals tacit agreement—however unintentional—and only encourages them and reinforces the behavior. Credit-Takers: Stop this behavior cold by encouraging your employees and managers to speak up and give credit where its due before the offender has the opportunity to grab the spotlight. Bullies: Documenting the offensive behaviors is essential. Discuss the situation with the bully calmly—and privately. Focus on behavior and not personalities, and make it crystal clear what the consequences are if the behavior doesn’t stop. Hypersensitives: Take a respectful tone when delivering constructive criticism. Again, this should be a private conversation, and be sure to focus on both the problem and the solution. Don’t make this about personalities. Serial eMailers: Explain to your colleague that it’s not necessary to CC everyone on all email. Relay the types of email that