After Pandit, a Smaller Citi Could Get Smaller Yet

(NEW YORK) — The incredible shrinking bank may have to shrink more. In the hours after Tuesday’s surprise announcement that Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit was stepping down, speculation was rife, and facts scant, about what lay ahead for the nation’s third-largest bank. But one possibility given high odds by financial analysts: More cost-cutting, more shrinking […]

Exclusive: Chelsea Clinton steps up to fight diarrhea deaths in Nigeria

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Chelsea Clinton is taking on the discomforting issue of diarrhea, throwing her family’s philanthropic heft behind a sweeping effort in Nigeria to prevent the deaths of 1 million mothers and children each year from preventable causes, including 100,000 deaths from diarrhea.

Guantanamo prisoner’s opinion on LeBron James treated as top secret at Guantanamo

GUANTANAMO BAY U.S. NAVAL BASE, Cuba (Reuters) – U.S. security restrictions governing the statements of former CIA captives held at Guantanamo are so stringent that one prisoner’s assessment of basketball star LeBron James was treated as a top national secret for two months, his lawyer said on Tuesday.

Computer models of Earth’s climate change confirmed on Mars

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Computer models have accurately forecast conditions on Mars and are valid predictors of climate change on Earth, U.S. and French astronomers said on Tuesday.