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Samsung is streaking ahead of its Android competitors recently, thanks largely to its Galaxy line of phones, and particularly the Galaxy S subset of smartphones. The line has been hit after hit—even the Galaxy Note found its audience.

While our initial Galaxy S III encounter wasn’t perfect, it’s because the phone reaches in some departments where it’s just not ready, like S Voice, or is targeting an outside use case, as with some new sharing features. Still, while it would have been nice for those elements to come perfectly functional, they’re non-essential; the core experience of the Galaxy S III is as good as ever.

Compared to the Galaxy S II, the Galaxy S III running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is a big departure from the typical black Android slab we’ve gotten used to seeing the last couple of years. The body is all rounded-off plastic edges, and while it’s a bit slippery, it would be comfortable for us to hold if it weren’t quite so wide. Like the Galaxy S II, the Galaxy S III has a flimsy back cover that pops off very easily for access to the battery, SIM card, and microSD slot. The volume rocker and sleep buttons are very low-profile with little depth, though they didn’t take much force to press.

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