Mountain Lion to phone home daily looking for security updates

Apple is showing signs that the company is taking the security of OS X far more seriously than it has in the past. In addition to features like app sandboxing and Gatekeeper, OS X Mountain Lion will also apparently check for critical security updates more regularly by default and will install them automatically.

Documentation accompanying a software update sent out to registered developers running the beta version of Mountain Lion shows Apple is testing a new feature designed to mitigate potential security disasters like the recent Flashback malware problem. While regular OS X updates will come from the Mac App Store, security updates will be available directly through a new OS X Security Update system.

OS X Security Update will check for “required” security updates every day. The software will make use of a secure connection to Apple servers meant to keep hackers from hijacking the connection to spread malware. Users will be able to configure their Mac to either install security updates automatically or during the next restart.

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