Hands-on with the Google Drive for iOS app: mostly read only

At Google’s IO conference in San Francisco today, the company released a Google Drive app for Apple iOS devices. Free through Apple’s App Store, Google Drive has interfaces for both the iPad and iPhone. But don’t expect something bordering on Chromebook-level functionality from your Apple device.

I downloaded Google Drive onto both my iPad 2 and iPhone 4S Right after the Tuesday keynote ended. I’m a heavy Google Apps user, and have Google Drive running on a number of computers as one of several methods of file synching, so I had plenty of content to work with, both that I had created and that had been shared with me by others.

A view of files and folders in Google Drive from the iPad, with a file selected showing information on who has rights to it.

The Google Drive iOS app allows you to view anything you have stored in your Google cloud storage, as well as documents that have been shared with you by other Google Apps users. You can also rename files, and share files with other people by adding permissions for them via their Google account. You can also mark files in your Google Drive to be stored offline on your iOS device—both Google Docs content and other files. This is useful if you’re just reviewing documents others have produced, or want to be able to review documents while you’re on a plane or otherwise disconnected

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