Flaherty calls for ‘speedy’ action on eurozone rescue deal

The finance minister on Friday welcomed the “concrete steps” taken by European leaders to resolve the region’s crippling debt crisis and called for their quick implementation

Obama Viewing Fire Damage in Swing State Colorado

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — President Barack Obama absorbed the devastation of Colorado’s wildfires Friday, visiting a neighborhood struck by the flames and taking in the acrid smells of charred homes while plumes of smoke rose from the surrounding mountains. After declaring a “major disaster” in the state early Friday and promising federal aid, Obama got a firsthand view […]

Senate confirms top nuclear power regulator

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Senate on Friday confirmed geologist Allison Macfarlane, an expert on how to store radioactive waste from power plants, to head the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Fears arise that BlackBerry 10 could be too little too late for RIM

With RIM stock shedding about one fifth of its value on Friday alone, investors are wondering aloud if the embattled BlackBerry maker’s white knight operating system will arrive in time to save the technology giant

Allied Electronics Is Now Accepting Orders For The Bite-Sized Raspberry Pi


The Raspberry Pi is a tasty little Linux computing device but it’s so far been rather hard to buy. I’ve wanted to order one since it officially started to ship in April. However, due to the limited quantities, retailers sold out nearly immediately.

Enter Allied Electronics. The Texas-based electronic distributor is now taking orders for the Raspberry Pi at the list price of $35 each with the only caveat being shipping is not for 10-12 weeks. But I’ll take it!

The Raspberry Pi is a pretty exciting computing devices. The tiny PCB is packed to the gills with respectable hardware: a Broadcom BCN2835 SoC (700MHz ARM CPU), 256MB RAM, Ethernet, two USB ports, and HDMI. Plus, the Linux core allows for all sorts of general coding fun. It’s hard to find a more capable device for $35 — and now you can finally order one.