Romney breaks from small-town tour to talk faith, Israel

CORNWALL, PA (Reuters) – Republican Mitt Romney took time out on Saturday from a five-day tour aimed at shoring up support among small-town voters in battleground states to touch base with another critical party constituency – Christian conservatives – and include some tough talk on U.S. relations with Israel.

Radiohead stage fall ‘kills one’

At least one person dies and another is seriously injured after a stage collapses in Toronto ahead of a Radiohead concert, according to Canadian media.

Facebook to pay $10 million to settle suit

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Facebook Inc has agreed to pay $10 million to charity to settle a lawsuit that accused the site of violating users’ rights to control the use of their own names, photographs and likenesses, according to court documents made public over the weekend.

Bye Ethernet port, hello retina: OpenForum talks new MacBook Pros

Earlier this week Ars Technica covered Apple’s announcements at WWDC, which included details about iOS 6, and notably, a refresh to the MacBook Pros, Macbook Air, and more subtle upgrade to the Mac Pro line. We often bring you highlights from the forums to show you some of the more relevant discussions from the week, and you can register for an account to join in the discussion.

Discussions around the new MacBook Pro updates have been pretty heated for at least a month now. The thread “MacBook Pro Updates?” which started back in May, had been speculating how Apple might update the line of notebooks. After Monday’s announcements, Ars readers dove head first into the discussions of the new specs, and you can find those starting on page eight.

The easy of upgrading these new Apple computers rose as one of the first questions, and njponzer asked, “Is the SSD in the Retina MBP integrated into the motherboard, or is it on a removable module like the Macbook Air uses?” This question, answered in Chris Foresman’s piece on MacBook Pro parts, is that yes, it’s removable, but not necessarily compatible with other models.

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Killed British soldier is named

A British soldier killed in Afghanistan on Friday has been named as Corporal Alex Guy from the 1st Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment.

WorldWide Telescope focuses on a familiar planet: Earth

WorldWide Telescope, a free program that turns the cosmos into a visual dictionary, has added a plugin that allows virtual astronomers to train their amplified eye on Earth and to look back in time.

The original Telescope, from Microsoft Research and powered by Silverlight, can be employed in a browser and downloaded to a user’s device. Scroll about the night’s sky and select one of millions of celestial objects, then click on it and you will access astronomical information such as a galaxy’s wave length, as well as interpretive data, like papers on the object from peer-reviewed journals.

Technology Review quoted Harvard astronomy professor Alyssa Goodman, a longtime user of the software, and founder of the WorldWide Telescope Ambassadors program, as describing the Telescope this way: “Objects in the sky become the hyperlinks themselves.”

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Southern Baptists set to elect first black president

(Reuters) – The largest Protestant denomination is poised to elect the first black president in its 167-year history, just weeks after the predominately white religious group reprimanded one of its officials for making racially insensitive remarks.