A dilemma for Burundi’s war veterans: peace and poverty or return to arms?

Former child soldiers sidelined and impoverished by the political process are being drawn back to conflictIn a dusty field in the Burundian town of Maramvya a young man named Claude watches over the village’s goats. A former lieutenant to Hutu chief

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LONDON (Reuters) – Oracle and Autonomy escalated their war of words on Thursday, sparring publicly over whether the British software firm had ever been shopped to the U.S. technology giant.

Canada tries again to update copyright legislation

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canada will reintroduce copyright legislation on Thursday as it grapples with the realities of the Internet age and tries to balance the demands of consumers with concerns from the movie industry.

China successfully launches "Heavenly Palace" space craft

JIUQUAN, China (Reuters) – China successfully launched an experimental craft on Thursday paving the way for its first space station amid a blaze of national pride, bringing the growing Asian power closer to matching the United States and Russia with a long-term manned outpost in space.

Federal judge refuses to block Kansas abortion insurance law

(Reuters) – A federal judge in Wichita, Kansas refused on Thursday to block a controversial new state law that restricts insurance coverage for abortions.

China Takes First Steps Toward A Space Station, Launches Tiangong 1

Tiangong 1 Launch

As NASA’s steps get smaller, China’s space program is making big leaps with plans to have a manned space station in orbit by 2020. This morning (around 9pm in China), the Tiangong 1 space station module blasted off from a desert in the northwestern area of China. The reported purpose of this mission is to practice docking with other modules, which is essential to building a space station (obviously).

Tiangong 1, literally meaning Heavenly Palace, was carried into orbit by a Long March-2FT1 rocket, reports TIME. It provides 15 cubic feet of space in which up to three people can live and work. The plan is that the space module will orbit the Earth for about a month, at which point another unmanned spacecraft called Shenzou 8 will dock with Tiangong 1. This will be China’s first mission involving docking, and completion of the nine-year plan will make it the first country to launch and maintain its very own space station.

A prepared statement from China Manned Space Engineering Project spokeswoman Wuping:

The main tasks of Tiangong Ⅰ spaceflight include: to provide a target vehicle for space rendezvous and docking experiment; to primarily establish a manned space test platform capable of long-term unmanned operation in space with temporary human attendance, and thus accumulate experiences for the development of the Space Station; to carry out space science experiments, space medical experiments and space technology experiments.

Short term goals aside, it’s worth wondering what China plans to do with this space station once it’s completed. It’s clear that China has been getting more and more aggressive with its space program, completing space walks, increasing the number of astronauts in each mission, and planning a trip to the moon by 2030. The overall goal, however, is still a mystery.

Check out footage of the take-off below:

Consumer, tech stocks pressure Wall Street

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The technology-heavy Nasdaq led stocks lower on Thursday as investors continued to fret about weakness in the global economy and Wall Street looked set to limp to its worst quarter in three years.

Aerosol particles dry out South Asian monsoons: study

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Summer monsoons that provide up to 80 percent of the water South Asia needs have gotten drier in the past half century, possibly due to aerosol particles spewed by burning fossil fuels, climate scientists said on Thursday.