Republicans want to mandate balanced budget

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – All 47 Senate Republicans, seeking fiscal discipline in big-spending Washington, proposed on Thursday an amendment to the Constitution that would require a balanced federal budget.

Tea Party pressures Republican leaders on budget

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Supporters of the Tea Party fiscal conservative movement kept pressure on Republican leaders on Thursday not to bend in talks with Democrats over the biggest spending cuts in U.S. history.

Rajaratnam trial lawyers push research defense

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Raj Rajaratnam did not pick stocks alone. He had a team of researchers at his Galleon Group hedge fund to grind through the rumor mill and anticipate a good bet.

Mentor Graphics rejects Icahn loan offer; to issue debt

BANGALORE (Reuters) – Chip-design software maker Mentor Graphics Corp rejected activist investor Carl Icahn’s offer of a $220 million loan and said it plans to go ahead with a convertible debt…

GoDaddy CEO Films Himself Killing Elephants

This is so messed up. GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons went on a hunting trip to Africa last month where he shot and killed an elephant because it was “eating villagers' crops.” I don't know about you, but I'm having a hard time believing him.

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Tornadoes rake Florida, overturn planes and vehicles

MIAMI (Reuters) – Tornadoes and thunderstorms raked across central Florida from west to east on Thursday, flipping over some small planes and some vehicles, damaging homes and buildings and causing power outages, emergency service officials said.