Ohio train derailment and fire forces evacuations

TOLEDO (Reuters) – An early morning derailment of train cars filled with ethanol caused explosions and a fierce fire on Sunday that resulted in evacuations of 20 homes in Ohio.

Illinois senators want better protection for Chicago shoreline

CHICAGO (Reuters) – In the wake of an historic blizzard that shut down Chicago’s lakefront highway, Illinois’ senators asked federal officials on Sunday to discuss ways to better protect the city’s shoreline.

Egypt opposition says talks to end crisis not enough

CAIRO (Reuters) – Opposition groups including the banned Muslim Brotherhood held talks with the government on Sunday to resolve Egypt’s political crisis but said their core demand for the removal of President Hosni Mubarak was not met.

Nasdaq hackers another blow to investor confidence

NEW YORK (Reuters) – News that computer hackers had infiltrated the operator of the Nasdaq Stock Exchange is the latest blow for Wall Street as it works to repair an image with investors and traders dented by last year’s “flash crash.”

Time Warner mulls sale of part of IPC Media: report

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Time Warner Cable Inc is considering selling part of its IPC Media magazine unit, British newspaper The Telegraph reported on its website on Sunday.

Anti-Berlusconi hackers block Italy government website

ROME (Reuters) – The Italian government’s website came under attack from computer hackers on Sunday, police said, after opponents of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said they would target the site to protest against curbs to media freedom.

Latest Eastern storm exits in time for more to start work week

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The latest storm blew off the East Coast early on Sunday, sending snow shovelers and crane operators scrambling to clear threatened roofs and icy walkways before two more storms arrive to start the work week.

Fiscal panel co-chair blasts critics as "jerks"

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Any fiscal plan that fails to tackle military spending, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security is “a sparrow’s belch in the midst of a typhoon,” a chairman of a presidential deficit-reduction commission said in an interview aired on Sunday.