Obama stresses Egypt transition in calls to leaders

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama called leaders from Germany, Britain and the United Arab Emirates on Saturday to discuss the situation in Egypt and the need for political change there, the White House said.

Video shows Cuban fears of Internet, social media

HAVANA (Reuters) – Cuba fears the United States is encouraging dissent through social media such as Facebook and Twitter with the goal of toppling the government, according to the video of what appears a meeting of Cuban officials posted on websites this week.

Hackers breach Nasdaq’s computers

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The operator of the Nasdaq Stock Market said it found “suspicious files” on its U.S. computer servers and determined that hackers could have affected one of its Internet-based client applications.

Washington hints at softer line on Mubarak

CAIRO (Reuters) – The United States signaled it wanted an orderly transition of power in Egypt that could see Hosni Mubarak remaining president until September, an apparent policy shift likely to anger protesters demanding he resign now.

Chrysler chief apologizes for using term "shyster"

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Chrysler Group LLC’s chief executive apologized on Saturday for describing the high-interest bailout loans extended by the U.S. and Canadian governments in 2009 as “shyster loans.”

Clinton puts U.S. focus on Egypt transition

MUNICH (Reuters) – The United States backs Egypt’s drive for orderly reforms to allow democratic elections, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Saturday in a sign of a new U.S. emphasis on gradual transition to resolve the crisis over President Hosni Mubarak’s rule.