Pat Waak: Pledge to America is a Promise to Fail

So in order not to be called the “Party of No” the Congressional Republicans released their “Pledge to America.” It was supposed to be an answer for what they would do if the voters were so inclined to give them control of Congress. I really thought they might have something substantive to say. Instead they just repackage the same failed Bush Republican economic policies that got us into the economic downturn. Shame on them.

My Republican counterpart loves to list failures. I prefer to list the accomplishments. But I can’t let this go without some commentary.

The “Pledge to America” is a “Promise to Fail” agenda.

Failed: to find tax relief for middle class families and will instead raise taxes for 110 million middle class families.

Failed: to not be tools of millionaires and billionaires.

Failed: to come up with solutions for necessary economic reforms that will provide new jobs.

Failed: to provide protection for Americans’ health care from insurance companies.

Failed: to stand up to special interests including big oil, big insurance, Wall Street banks, and credit card and mortgage companies, and will, instead, slash oversight and regulation for these friends.

Failed: to come up with ways to reduce the record deficit, instead to go back to the same failed economic policies that turned a record surplus into a record deficit.

Republicans’ “Pledge to America/Promise to Fail” is also notable for its omissions. It doesn’t talk about:

o Protecting Social Security and Medicare from privatization.
o Making investments in high-quality education for America’s children.
o Working to grow critical industries like clean energy and manufacturing.
o Or working to rebuild America’s crumbling roads, rails, and runways.

Shame on them for proposing the same agenda that caused the worst recession since the Great Depression, that resulted in the loss of 8 million jobs, wiped out trillions of dollars of American families’ savings, and set middle class families backward. The only people who will be pleased by this plan are the special interests that the Republicans get their money from.

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