HuffPost TV: Arianna: Special Interest Groups Are Buying Public Policy (VIDEO)

On a recent episode of CBS News’ “Washington Unplugged,” Arianna joined a roundtable hosted by Bob Schieffer to discuss the state of the American economy. Slate’s John Dickerson and The Atlantic‘s Marc Ambinder were also on the panel.

Arianna made some powerful accusations about the folks in Washington:

“Right now powerful public special interest groups are buying public policy. We saw what happened with the bailout– yes, we had to bail out Wall Street but did we have to do it the way we did? Without conditions or strings attached? With Goldman Sachs getting 100 cents to the dollar?” she said.

“I have friends who sleep with a copy of Ayn Rand’s ‘Fountainhead’ under their pillows who are really upset about this. This is not a left-right debate…. Everybody, even the richest Americans, should want a thriving middle class.”


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