Huff TV: HuffPost’s Roy Sekoff Grades The Grade Obama Gave Himself

On Monday night on the The Ed Show, HuffPost’s Roy Sekoff applied his own grading system to the “B+” grade President Obama gave himself on Oprah’s Christmas at the White House special, Sunday night.

Host Ed Schultz began the segment by offering the president an incomplete with the offer that he’d change it to an “A” if “he gets all of his assignments in.”

“Well I don’t know Ed,” Sekoff countered, “That’s a pretty nice curve. Are you comparing him to his predecessor George Bush, or is it for the expectations that he set, during the campaign, for himself? If that’s the case I’m not sure “B+” is exactly where I’d go.”

Sekoff then ran through the big three contributing factors in the president’s first-year-in-office grade: watered down health care, record unemployment, and a surge in Afghanistan.

“It really comes down to the style of leadership,” Sekoff concluded, “and on that, I can’t give him a B+.”

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