Huff TV: Arianna Calls Out Kudlow For Dow ‘50,000’ Prediction, Urges People To Ditch Bailed Out Banks (VIDEO)

Arianna was on CNBC’s “The Call” today to discuss the Move Your Money campaign, and host Larry Kudlow challenged the idea of switching money from big banks to community banks. Arianna countered that she’s not sure why anyone is still listening to Kudlow, given his previous predictions that have turned out to be wildly off-base, including his statement in 1999, “By 2020, the Dow index will reach 50,000, and the 10,000 benchmark will be reduced to a small blip on a large screen.”

Kudlow repeatedly denied ever having made that prediction — but he did, and near the end of the segment, Arianna read his direct quote back to him.

Seeking Alpha has more.

WATCH: Part 1

WATCH: Part 2

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