Harlequin Fantasy Bra: $3 Million Dollar Bra On Display At Victoria Secret Show (VIDEO)

The underwear no girl living through a recession can live without? Not exactly. On display at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in Phoenix is a diamond encrusted bra, retail value: $3 million dollars. It’s called the Harlequin Fantasy Bra and contains 2,300 diamonds sewn into the cups, with a 16-carat heart-shaped diamond dangling from the decolletage. According to the WSJ, this is actually a step down from previous years’ fantasy bras:

In a sign of the times, the bra is more modest than in years’ past. The Harlequin has one tenth the total carats of last year’s Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra; less than a third the total diamonds of the 2007 Very Sexy Holiday Fantasy Bra; and costs one fourth of the 2005 Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra.

According to the company that makes them, no one has ever purchased a Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra. Watch video footage of the lingerie below.

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