Eli Davidson: Four Letter Words That Could Change Your Life

Recently, there was an outbreak of Potty Mouth in our office. @*#^**#! Computer one- down. Ugh! Computer two- down. Double Ugh! Computer three-down. *#@**#!!!! I hate to admit it but, the air of our normally serene office was peppered with some pretty ripe phrases. Those expletives slapped me in the face as they hung in the air. If you are reading this, you are on the cutting edge. You know about the powerful impact language has on the results you create. Trust me there’s nothing like hearing yourself talk like a sailor to bring that message home. It got me thinking.

Maybe, there is real power in four letter words.

The N Word
What sector is hiring the most new employees in the US right now? Technology? Manufacturing? Financial Services? Nope. National Public Radio recently reported that collection agencies have the highest growth in new hires. How could that be? Consumer debt is at an all time. Why? People have confused two four letter words: Want and need.

If you are peering into the overstocked warehouse called your closet, a wee bit of reeducation on that distinction might be a good idea. “You mean I don’t need a new pair of blue boots?” Sure, you want them. They just aren’t in the need category. You need an umbrella, groceries, and to getting your teeth cleaned. Begin spending your money more consciously on what you need and you will discover that you have more money for the things you really want (owning home, enjoying a vacation, starting your own business).

Loral Langemeier introduced me to the concept of Financial Freedom Day. That would be the day that you no longer need to work. Imagine that! If you give yourself the luxury of imagining your opulent prosperity and you may make different choices. Boy, that has more juice for me than saving for retirement. What day do you want to have financial independence and the cash flow to be living from as you choose? It might be something to consider the next time that a trip to the local department store temps you. Do you feel you should buy someone a gift?

“Do I need this?” is a great question to ask yourself. Write the question on a Post It and attach it to your wallet. Spending less money on your immediate gratification want can assist you in building up the cash to have more of what you really want.

The H Word
Those Americans that have jobs are working harder and longer hour than ever before. Studies have shown that now Americans have surpassed the Japanese for most hours worked. Maybe, this is a little something you have noticed in your own life. If you are looking for a job, you could probably benefit from some help.

Help isn’t admission of defeat, but actually it is an invitation to contribute. Often, you will discover the person that you asked for help feels tremendously grateful about the experience. Scientists have discovered that there is a phenomenon called “Helper’s High” the boost that people feel when they are helping others. Both the person asking for help and the person delivering that help are sharing a valuable gift with one another.

Inviting others input (which is a great way to ask for help at work) is incredibly productive. Two noggins are in fact smarter than one. Recently, I was giving a speech at a large insurance carrier. An audience member raised her hand with a mammoth problem. She had no solution in sight. Once I opened up the floor for a brainstorming session, she got a flood of input from other members of the audience. Within minutes of asking for help, she had superb solutions and next step actions to a problem that seemed impossible when she tried to tackle it alone.

Ask someone in your life for help- with the dishes, on a detail of a project.
Ask to help someone in your life- pick up groceries for an elderly neighbor, baby sit for a friend and see how terrific you feel.

The P Word
I saved the word with the worst reputation for last. No the P word doesn’t have anything to do with the regions below your belt. The United Nations…. Study found that at the current rate of growth, depression would surpass the common cold as the most prevalent disease on the planet by —-. One reason I see that people are suffering from a lack of play. Give yourself some time each week with an activity that tickles your heart, and watch your stress levels plummet. The focus of my work is assisting people to get out of their own way and allowing their dreams to have their say. One of the most effective tools that I use with my clients is inviting them to p-l-a-y. Play has gotten such a bad rap that sometimes; I have to spend a good bit of time convincing. The glee factor will make it worth it.

Make an appointment to give yourself 15 minutes of play 3 days this week. Isn’t it time you got to have recess?

You will probably need to treat it like a meeting or it won’t happen.
Dance, sing, conduct, kick leaves (often something that you enjoyed as a child can be very potent).

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