Nec Introduces New Network Management System At Broadband World Forum Europe 2009

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Work to Fulfill Financial Needs, Meet Personal Emotional Needs Outside Business

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Sept. 7 /PRwire/ — Professionals work to make a living, and it’s a mistake to get emotional about business relationships, says , international expert on sales success. In sales, where friendly relationships are often key to ,

Answer Desk: Lots of interest in rates

There’s a lot of interest in rates this week. James is peeved that he’s making so little on his savings: shouldn’t rates be higher to encourage savings? Richard, meanwhile, is wondering what happens to the value of his bonds if rates go up. I don?t

Obama says "time to act" for healthcare reform

CINCINNATI, Ohio (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama insisted on Monday “it’s time to act” for healthcare reform as he geared up for a major address to Congress this week aimed at getting his top domestic policy priority back on track.

Dick Fuld: Scapegoat or villain?

Nearly a year after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, a failure that triggered the global economic crisis, the much-lambasted chief executive Richard Fuld seemed burdened — but not crushed — by the pressure of the upcoming annivesary.

“You know what, the anniversary’s coming up,” he told Reuters. “I’ve been pummeled, I’ve been dumped on, and it’s all going to happen again. I can handle it. You know what, let them line up.”

Fuld, a nearly 40-year veteran of the company, took Lehman’s reins in 1994 at one of its darkest hours and rebuilt it into the fourth-largest U.S. investment bank, a Wall Street powerhouse whose massively profitable mortgage banking machine inspired rivals’ envy.

But after filing the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history, Fuld was vilified and humiliated before a Congressional panel last October and named in nearly 40 different legal actions.

Opinions are still divided over his role in the disaster, but he doesn’t see the point of speaking out: “Nobody wants to hear it. The facts are out there. Nobody wants to hear it, especially not from me.”

Is he the scapegoat of a massive systemic failure on Wall Street, or does he deserve to be a central villain in the collapse?

Obama asks students to set school-year goals

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama will challenge students to set goals “and to do everything you can to meet them” in a back-to-school speech that critics feared would promote a political agenda.

NBA Players, Bank Loans, And 25 Cent Gambles: Exploring The Dangers Of Personal Ego

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