Jill Schlesinger: Suze Orman Watch (or Barf Patrol)

At first, I threw out my Sunday New York Times Magazine with Suze Orman on the cover. Then, I remembered that I needed the crossword puzzle, so I retrieved it from the recycle bin. I knew it was coming. I even sent my bosses a link to the article with the subject: :”I think I’m going to barf.”

I can’t tell you when I developed a special loathing for the “ubiquitous, telegenic personal-finance expert,” but probably when I realized that she was going to corner the market on personal financial advice well before I ever could. But the envy of her success is only part of the story. I detest the way Orman talks down to people and shames them. I think of her as the Dr. Laura Schlessinger (no relation!) of finance.

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