Is Your Company?s 401(k) as Green as its Projects?

Minimal water use. Check! Wide views of the skies. Check! Use of pest-resistant native plants that will encourage a range of wildlife visitors. Check! 401(k) retirement program with funds invested in environmentally responsible options. What? Rob Thomas

Canadian auto union won’t reopen GM contract

TORONTO, March 31 (Reuters) – The Canadian Auto Workers
union said on Tuesday it will not reopen its recent concession
agreement with General Motors of Canada , but it would be
willing to look at alternative measures to help reduce the
burden of the company’s so called “legacy costs”.

When government calls the shots

(Fortune Magazine) — Forget about the debate over stimulus ‘coordination’ coming out of the March G-20 meeting, or whether some countries, like France and Germany, should do more. The fact is, between China’s $586 billion stimulus, Japan’s $200 billion,

GM warns of bankruptcy risk

WASHINGTON/DETROIT (Reuters) – U.S. automakers moved to jumpstart dreary sales and implement restructuring actions on Tuesday, a day after the Obama administration warned that the government cash spigot could be turned off unless sweeping changes are quickly put into place.

Boston’s Hancock Tower sells at nearly half price

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The John Hancock Tower, New England’s tallest office building, sold in a foreclosure auction on Tuesday for $660 million, about half what the sellers paid three years ago, underscoring the crumbling state of the U.S. commercial real estate market.