Daily Digest for 2009-02-27

blog (feed #1) 1:22am ASPPA Warns Slump Could Kill 401(k) Plans
blog (feed #1) 1:41am Obama budget plan forecasts soaring deficits
blog (feed #1) 1:55am Newsday to charge for website, online cable service
blog (feed #1) 2:15am Poor Credit Personal Loans Based On Income: Get Blessed With Cash via Personal Loans
blog (feed #1) 2:15am Do TV Commercials Make You Happier?
blog (feed #1) 2:46am The government’s finances: Brave rhetoric, grim reality
blog (feed #1) 2:48am Pentagon ‘hacker’ won’t be charged in UK
blog (feed #1) 2:52am NetEase profits jump 48% in last quarter of 2008
blog (feed #1) 2:59am Brazil priest suspended for views
blog (feed #1) 3:16am The Economist In Chinese – Bootleg Edition
blog (feed #1) 3:21am Wall Street rates poorly for ethics, honesty: poll
blog (feed #1) 3:24am Yahoo CEO reorganizes company
blog (feed #1) 3:25am Dell sales miss, but cost-cuts help profit
blog (feed #1) 3:32am Softbank gives Japan free iPhones
blog (feed #1) 3:36am Russia’s MGTS launches TV via Internet Protocol service
blog (feed #1) 5:20am Pension, college funds mull damage from WG Trading fraud
blog (feed #1) 5:27am Second bird flu death in Vietnam
blog (feed #1) 5:51am Obama’s 2010 Federal Budget Explained in Plain English
blog (feed #1) 5:53am The true value of stocks are $0 unless they pay dividend
blog (feed #1) 5:59am "How To" Guide to Cash Crate – Your step by step guide
blog (feed #1) 6:00am Scripps to shut storied Rocky Mountain News
blog (feed #1) 6:00am Oakleigh Vermont � Blog � Recycling 101 Part 2
blog (feed #1) 6:02am If By Change…Obama Means Economic Collapse
blog (feed #1) 6:09am Top N.Y. legal officer demands bonus list from BofA CEO
blog (feed #1) 6:26am Sears Shuts Struggling Stores
blog (feed #1) 6:54am Obama to reveal Iraq pullout plan
blog (feed #1) 7:00am ING Institutional Plan Services Chosen to Provide 401(k) Services for BNY Mellon
blog (feed #1) 7:18am Obama set to end Iraq combat operations by Aug 2010
blog (feed #1) 7:28am U.S., Citigroup reach $25 billion deal: source
blog (feed #1) 7:59am U.S., Citi reach equity conversion deal: source
blog (feed #1) 8:06am American reaction mixed on Obama budget
blog (feed #1) 8:26am The costs of taming finance
blog (feed #1) 8:32am Money: Lloyds Banking Group – 27th Feb 09
blog (feed #1) 8:34am U.S. tech stocks weigh on major indices
blog (feed #1) 8:46am Dell sees 2009 contraction in Asia amid sales slump
blog (feed #1) 9:22am Bangladesh mutineers ‘arrested’
blog (feed #1) 9:37am Policy shift will avert $9 trillion deficit: Orszag
blog (feed #1) 10:51am SNAPSHOT – Financial Crisis – 0850 GMT
blog (feed #1) 10:56am Japan’s industrial production slumps
blog (feed #1) 11:31am U.S.’ Citi stake to rise in conversion deal: source
blog (feed #1) 12:01pm ‘World’s Best Job’ Web site flooded in final hours
blog (feed #1) 12:02pm Softbank Mobile Offers iPhone 3G Free With 2-Year Contract
blog (feed #1) 12:09pm DoCoMo halts BlackBerry Bold sales due to overheating
blog (feed #1) 12:10pm People’s Daily Online awarded for contribution to China-Sri Lanka friendship
blog (feed #1) 1:07pm Obama to end combat operation in Iraq by August 2010
blog (feed #1) 1:26pm Research and Markets: Tech Marketing for SMB – Best Practices Connecting With Influencers Analyses the Main Aspects of Influencer Marketing
blog (feed #1) 2:09pm House prices down 15.1% in a year
blog (feed #1) 2:30pm U.S. Treasury says to convert Citi shares to common
blog (feed #1) 2:36pm Lloyds falls to $14 billion loss, in asset plan talks
blog (feed #1) 2:47pm U.S. takes big stake in Citi
blog (feed #1) 3:31pm 401(k) Match, Auto-Enrollment Key Participation Drivers
blog (feed #1) 3:31pm Personal Portfolio: Grzymkowski family rethinks investments after birth of son
blog (feed #1) 3:31pm Taxes on income from 401(k) may throw wrench into plan to pay off debt
blog (feed #1) 3:39pm UBS names ex-Credit Suisse head CEO
blog (feed #1) 3:40pm Volcker: banks should be tightly regulated
blog (feed #1) 4:03pm U.S. economy shrank at faster rate in fourth quarter
blog (feed #1) 4:12pm Americans mixed on Obama budget, fret over deficit
blog (feed #1) 4:23pm U.S. advisers urge broad Medicare payment reform
blog (feed #1) 4:29pm Genentech to make case for higher purchase price
blog (feed #1) 4:35pm Houston Personal Injury Lawyer Defends Against Insurance Companies
blog (feed #1) 4:41pm Vatican rejects bishop’s apology
blog (feed #1) 4:41pm Wall Street rates poorly for ethics, honesty
blog (feed #1) 4:45pm FDIC Reports That Bank Failures Are Rising
blog (feed #1) 4:45pm China’s Auto Bailout Takes a Different Route: Tax Cuts for Consumers
blog (feed #1) 4:45pm Sending the Financial World to Save Eastern Europe
blog (feed #1) 4:47pm US economy suffers sharp nosedive
blog (feed #1) 4:55pm U.S. satellite shootdown debris said gone from space
blog (feed #1) 5:12pm Italy murder suspect ‘did cartwheels’
blog (feed #1) 5:24pm Citigroup news spurs bid for Treasury’s
blog (feed #1) 5:36pm Bangladesh troops find mass grave
blog (feed #1) 5:38pm Finance workers doing unpaid work
blog (feed #1) 5:44pm In hard times, more U.S. women try to sell their eggs
blog (feed #1) 6:07pm Personal Portfolio: Bussler sells company, reinvests earnings in new ventures
blog (feed #1) 6:24pm South Korean biscuits banned from online sales
blog (feed #1) 6:26pm Scottish Power will reduce bills
blog (feed #1) 6:32pm Outrage over banker’s ’sickening’ pension
blog (feed #1) 6:38pm GM to split from Opel
blog (feed #1) 6:59pm Obama cartoon depict’s him as the TOOTH FAIRY
blog (feed #1) 7:01pm Gregg had stake in, won aid for base –
blog (feed #1) 7:02pm Fractional-reserve banking – Wikipedia,
blog (feed #1) 7:02pm An ugly bias is back: blaming Jews for financial woes | csmo
blog (feed #1) 7:03pm Earn Cash Doing Surveys
blog (feed #1) 7:08pm Dollar gains after grim GDP data
blog (feed #1) 7:19pm Obama outlines Iraq pullout plan
blog (feed #1) 7:29pm U.S. fourth-quarter GDP drop biggest since 1982
blog (feed #1) 7:34pm Obama says combat operation in Iraq to end by Aug 2010
blog (feed #1) 7:45pm A 6.2% Drop in GDP: Is the Worst Yet to Come?
blog (feed #1) 7:48pm Obama health budget raises hopes, worries
blog (feed #1) 8:04pm U.S. boosts stake in Citigroup
blog (feed #1) 8:08pm Suspected al Qaeda operative charged in U.S. court
blog (feed #1) 8:24pm Obama’s health budget raises hopes, worries
blog (feed #1) 8:44pm TechMARK movers: Ricardo down despite profit rise
blog (feed #1) 9:20pm Will the banks survive?
blog (feed #1) 9:28pm Obama Disses Pepsi
blog (feed #1) 9:57pm Fossil of 10 million-year-old bird found in Peru
blog (feed #1) 10:25pm Stock markets well off early lows as energy, tech stocks improve
blog (feed #1) 10:54pm Shoulder problems? It may be all in your genes
blog (feed #1) 11:15pm Woodward Governor Co. reaches deal to buy HR Textron for $365 mln cash – Quick Facts
blog (feed #1) 11:15pm Covalon grants option to buy 100,000 shares
blog (feed #1) 11:16pm GDP drop underscores need for action: White House
blog (feed #1) 11:37pm ShamWow Overdub
blog (feed #1) 11:39pm Clinton hopes to boost Europe ties in maiden trip
blog (feed #1) 12:13am AIG talks weigh securitizing life policies: source
blog (feed #1) 12:46am Obama sets Iraq deadline, unveils new strategy
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  • Dell profits drop as business takes battering: The US personal computer maker reports a steep decline in sales a.. http://tinyurl.com/b4pgv5
  • Fannie to draw further $15bn: Fannie Mae said it would draw more than $15bn of assistance from the US Treasury a.. http://tinyurl.com/c2noo7
  • Citi deal hits US financials: US stocks recovered some of their early losses , having hit 12-year lows on the ba.. http://tinyurl.com/cgmbwv
  • Merkel seeks bond co-ordination: The German chancellor moves to ensure governments do not drive up costs by comp.. http://tinyurl.com/bchzjf
  • Bank failures put pressure on FDIC: The list of ‘problem’ banks grew by almost 50 per cent in the fourth quarter.. http://tinyurl.com/aq2wh5
  • GE slashes quarterly dividend: GE slashed its quarterly dividend for the first time since 1938, a step that mark.. http://tinyurl.com/cpa4fq
  • Wall Street anxious after Citi deal: US stocks were set for sharp falls led by the banking sector after details .. http://tinyurl.com/bw9xjl
  • The end of exuberance
    : John Authers on a grim day for US markets http://tinyurl.com/dy2anb
  • US economy shrinks 6.2% in last quarter: The US economy contracted by an annualised 6.2 per cent in the final qu.. http://tinyurl.com/c9ezng
  • US troops to quit Iraq by August 2010: Most US troops will be out of Iraq by the end of August next year, accord.. http://tinyurl.com/b6fudh
  • US watchdog probes ETF’s oil contract stake: The CFTC is investigating the United States Oil Fund for amassing a.. http://tinyurl.com/c8twte
  • US Treasury to take 36% Citi stake: The US Treasury is to convert some of the preferred stock it holds in strugg.. http://tinyurl.com/czlwlk
  • No pay-out after $827m Blackstone loss: Blackstone unveils a fourth-quarter loss of $827m, reflecting extensive .. http://tinyurl.com/byysxj
  • European banks to receive €24.5bn loan: A group of multilateral lenders are preparing a lending package of up to.. http://tinyurl.com/bueoxd
  • Sony chief Stringer to double as president: Sony said Howard Stringer, its chief executive, would replace Ryoji .. http://tinyurl.com/a9tt2d
  • CME in talks to launch derivatives clearer in London: The Chicago-based exchange is in talks with the UK financi.. http://tinyurl.com/au9hz8
  • Top Stanford lieutenant appears in court: Chief investment officer faces obstruction of justice charges http://tinyurl.com/cmsk55
  • Lloyds confirms £10.8bn HBOS loss: The bank is still in discussions with the Treasury about its participation in.. http://tinyurl.com/cekmss
  • Yahoo finance chief departs in reshuffle: The internet company beset by a wave of executive departures has annou.. http://tinyurl.com/bjkau2
blog (feed #1) 12:56am Citigroup gets new rescue, U.S. may own 36 percent
blog (feed #1) 12:58am Banks and economy to keep bears’ grip on stocks

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