Daily Digest for 2009-02-26

blog (feed #1) 1:22am Apple investors get no satisfaction on Jobs
blog (feed #1) 1:34am THE INFLUENCE GAME: Banks shift bankruptcy tactics
blog (feed #1) 1:47am Sirius-Liberty deal open-ended
blog (feed #1) 2:01am Obama’s budget to spark fight in Congress
blog (feed #1) 2:06am Charity warns of ‘lifetime debts’
blog (feed #1) 2:16am Yahoo CFO says not opposed to search sale
blog (feed #1) 2:28am Obama urges quick action on Wall Street reform
blog (feed #1) 2:41am Money managers accused of $550 million fraud
blog (feed #1) 2:49am Intel CEO says business more predictable
blog (feed #1) 2:53am Obama urges quick action on Wall Street reform
blog (feed #1) 3:01am SNAPSHOT – Financial Crisis – 0100 GMT
blog (feed #1) 3:23am U.S. spy agency may get more cybersecurity duties
blog (feed #1) 3:26am Stocks Slide Again as Investors Look to Washington
blog (feed #1) 3:49am Bank of America mulls sale of Ex-Merrill unit: report
blog (feed #1) 3:51am NASA aims for March 12 launch of space shuttle
blog (feed #1) 4:23am Citigroup close to reaching deal with government: report
blog (feed #1) 4:32am Citigroup close to reaching deal with government: report
blog (feed #1) 4:53am Mexico vows more troops for drug war near U.S. border
blog (feed #1) 5:02am U.S. may break up AIG to keep it afloat: report
blog (feed #1) 5:05am Obama to deliver address on Iraq Friday
blog (feed #1) 5:11am U.S. may break up AIG to keep it afloat: report
blog (feed #1) 5:18am RPT-GLOBAL MARKETS-Asia stocks edge up on bank hopes, yen drops (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 5:19am Asia stocks edge up on bank hopes (Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 5:19am Asia stocks edge up on bank hopes
blog (feed #1) 5:32am Fifty feared dead in Bangladesh
blog (feed #1) 5:40am FOREX-Yen hits 3-mth low vs dlr as bets against it mount (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 5:53am Cheap Fun!
blog (feed #1) 5:54am Investing carries its own risks
blog (feed #1) 5:55am Financial
blog (feed #1) 6:03am How to Apply for a Small Business Credit Card | eHow.com
blog (feed #1) 6:04am Free Money for College
blog (feed #1) 6:11am HIGHLIGHTS 2-BOJ’s Noda: banks not meeting firms’ funding needs (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 6:11am UPDATE – BOJ pushed to act vs share falls; Noda sees risks (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 6:25am Obama’s budget to spark fight in Congress
blog (feed #1) 6:26am Octuplets mother fears not getting her infants
blog (feed #1) 6:26am Money managers accused of $550 million fraud
blog (feed #1) 6:26am Home Sales Slump As Bottom Remains Elusive For Housing
(Investor’s Business Daily)
blog (feed #1) 6:26am Is The Stock Market Bottoming?
blog (feed #1) 6:26am The Economic Crisis Hits Eastern Europe
blog (feed #1) 7:20am EZYield.com to Present Industry Leading Hotel Channel Management Solution at ITB Berlin 2009
blog (feed #1) 7:24am Japan – Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband
blog (feed #1) 7:26am Optus trialling 3G web accelerator
blog (feed #1) 7:42am NetEase.com Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2008 Unaudited Financial Results
blog (feed #1) 8:12am Banking regulator says U.S. not pursing nationalization
blog (feed #1) 8:20am U.S. law chief says Guantanamo "well-run," but to close
blog (feed #1) 8:21am Banking regulator says U.S. not pursuing nationalization
blog (feed #1) 8:21am Banking regulator says U.S. not pursuing nationalization
blog (feed #1) 8:25am Personal Finance Video: Necessary Insurance Policies
blog (feed #1) 8:26am Board Game Makes Personal Finance Fun
blog (feed #1) 8:26am Hiring the Ideal Personal Financial Advisor
blog (feed #1) 8:34am Money: RBS Figures – 26th Feb 09
blog (feed #1) 8:56am Asia stocks cut gains amid uncertainty, yen down
blog (feed #1) 9:03am US launches ’stress test’ for major banks
blog (feed #1) 9:27am Bank of America mulls sale of ex-Merrill unit
blog (feed #1) 9:56am DEALTALK-PE firms losing taste for Indian picks
blog (feed #1) 10:09am Profits decline at British Gas
blog (feed #1) 10:26am House prices ‘fall another 1.8%’
blog (feed #1) 10:59am Recession, bailout, stimulus: US security threats?
blog (feed #1) 11:31am Get your refund faster
blog (feed #1) 11:31am 1040 tax calculator
blog (feed #1) 11:31am Beat these 7 tax terrors
blog (feed #1) 11:40am RBS posts Britain’s biggest-ever loss
blog (feed #1) 11:47am Palestinians relaunch unity talks
blog (feed #1) 12:13pm Clean living way to beat cancer
blog (feed #1) 12:29pm Singapore economy shrinks 4.2 pct in 4th quarter
blog (feed #1) 12:38pm Bankruptcy Bill May Spur Jump in Personal Filings, CBO Says
blog (feed #1) 12:48pm Stock index futures point to higher Wall Street open
blog (feed #1) 1:00pm PhillyDeals: The 401(k) under fire in Washington
blog (feed #1) 1:22pm Bahrain to issue bonds for housing
blog (feed #1) 1:53pm Obama forecasts $1.75 trillion deficit this year
blog (feed #1) 1:56pm Obama forecasts $1.75 trillion deficit this year
blog (feed #1) 2:11pm Mortgage relief bill set for House vote
blog (feed #1) 2:19pm New reports due on jobless claims, home sales
blog (feed #1) 2:21pm Verdict on Kosovo war crimes due
blog (feed #1) 2:33pm Sears results top estimates, more stores to close
blog (feed #1) 2:36pm Tanks deployed over Dhaka mutiny
blog (feed #1) 2:50pm Exelon says number of NRG shares tendered rises
blog (feed #1) 2:51pm Rich nation 2020 greenhouse cuts seen about 15 percent
blog (feed #1) 2:51pm UK bank has record corporate loss
blog (feed #1) 2:52pm GM reports massive loss, auditor may question viability
blog (feed #1) 3:08pm AIG’s Uphill Battle
(BusinessWeek Online)
blog (feed #1) 3:10pm Bangladesh guard mutiny ‘is over’
blog (feed #1) 3:12pm RP joins Asia-wide broadband project
blog (feed #1) 3:14pm UK faces ‘massive struggle’ on 2Mbps broadband
blog (feed #1) 3:16pm Obama to present first budget to Congress
blog (feed #1) 3:21pm DPP has no evidence for a UK prosecution of hacker Gary McKi…
blog (feed #1) 4:19pm Rome’s fashion sector seeks aid
blog (feed #1) 5:00pm Finns urged to check Web, curb guns after rampages
blog (feed #1) 5:05pm UBS names ex-Credit Suisse head as CEO
blog (feed #1) 5:14pm Personal Credit for the Unemployed: Make the Most of Being Unemployed
blog (feed #1) 5:22pm UK rules out charges against Pentagon hacker
blog (feed #1) 5:45pm UPDATE – Repsol to pay Ecuador $135 mln in debt this year (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 5:47pm COLUMN-EU just one big happy family? Paul Taylor (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 5:48pm Volcker says banks should be tightly regulated
blog (feed #1) 5:51pm FOREX-Dollar falls vs euro but losses limited by U.S. data (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 5:53pm TOPWRAP 5-US faces $1.75 trln deficit as world economy reels (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 5:55pm Tech Stocks: Yahoo rises on new buyout talk as sector edges up
blog (feed #1) 5:56pm Puppy love — at your fingertips
blog (feed #1) 6:00pm Oil jumps over $2 after UAE signals deeper cuts
blog (feed #1) 6:03pm TechMARK movers: Sinclair Pharma down despite profit
blog (feed #1) 6:05pm Obama’s Healthcare Plan: True Universality?
blog (feed #1) 6:05pm Obama budget eyes boost to cybersecurity funds
blog (feed #1) 6:06pm PTCNova – Earn Money Online
blog (feed #1) 6:06pm IMF wants to "deepen" dialogue with Argentina (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 6:08pm Rich Celebrities and their Mansions � The Intelligencer
blog (feed #1) 6:08pm Obama proposes $1 billion/year boost for child nutrition
blog (feed #1) 6:09pm Obama Says Budget Plan Will Be Deficit Spending
blog (feed #1) 6:09pm U.S. workers on jobless benefits at record high
blog (feed #1) 6:12pm Jon Stewart nails hypocritical GOP Governors
blog (feed #1) 6:14pm Stocks rally on bank bets
blog (feed #1) 6:19pm Study Shows Disconnect between African Americans` Attitudes and Actions When It Comes to Personal Financial Planning
blog (feed #1) 6:21pm CANADA STOCKS-TSX rallies 3 pct on strength in banks, energy (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 6:33pm Obama healthcare budget includes FDA reform
blog (feed #1) 6:35pm Obama’s U.S. budget supports drug import plan
blog (feed #1) 6:41pm U.S. farmers face shrinking markets, subsidy woes
blog (feed #1) 6:45pm Obama unveils his $3.6tn budget
blog (feed #1) 6:48pm Report: ‘Antiquated’ Laws in Most States Tilted Against Homeowners Are Fueling the U.S. Home Mortgage Foreclosure Crisis
blog (feed #1) 6:51pm EU trio propose tougher list of Iran sanctions: report
blog (feed #1) 6:58pm Wooden sarcophaguses found in Egypt tomb
blog (feed #1) 7:12pm BUYINS.NET: Market Maker Surveillance Report. Top 6 Highest Net Buy Volume With Lowest Price Friction Stocks For February 25, 2009
blog (feed #1) 7:28pm BUYINS.NET: Market Maker Surveillance Report. Highest Net Sell Volume and Negative Price Friction Stocks For February 25, 2009
blog (feed #1) 7:33pm Tech Stocks: Tech sector on the rise as chips stand out; Yahoo, IBM gain
blog (feed #1) 7:59pm Rare Superman comic to be auctioned online
blog (feed #1) 8:03pm Obama budget plan forecasts $1.75 trillion deficit
blog (feed #1) 8:04pm GM posts deep loss, auditors may question viability
blog (feed #1) 8:15pm White House’s Volcker wants tighter bank oversight
blog (feed #1) 8:20pm Kosovo trial clears former Serbian leader
blog (feed #1) 8:42pm ITV floats three-way merger
blog (feed #1) 8:42pm UPDATE 1-Loss-making French mutual banks seal state-led merger
blog (feed #1) 8:50pm French banks finalise merger deal
blog (feed #1) 9:00pm Earliest ‘human footprints’ found
blog (feed #1) 9:08pm RBS posts record $34 billion loss
blog (feed #1) 9:09pm Typewriters, Technology and Trust
blog (feed #1) 9:09pm Reporting in Gaza: Striving for fairness
blog (feed #1) 9:09pm The shift in power from West to East
blog (feed #1) 9:09pm After the warm glow, telling the cold, hard truths
blog (feed #1) 9:09pm Davos through social media
blog (feed #1) 9:09pm New Citroen DS, a Goddess or a lemon?
blog (feed #1) 9:10pm Judging Timothy
blog (feed #1) 9:10pm Is housing rescue plan enough?
blog (feed #1) 9:10pm Your take on Obama’s address to Congress
blog (feed #1) 9:10pm Ignoring the drumbeat?
blog (feed #1) 9:17pm Majority of NRG shares back Exelon tender offer
blog (feed #1) 9:18pm Research reveals some of Alzheimer’s secrets
blog (feed #1) 9:24pm Fifa agents held in cocaine case
blog (feed #1) 9:41pm Victims of Dutch crash identified
blog (feed #1) 9:43pm Second team finds natural super flu fighter
blog (feed #1) 10:36pm Obama budget has more money for space exploration
blog (feed #1) 10:45pm U.S. Internet firms defend tighter Web management
blog (feed #1) 10:53pm UPDATE 1-AIG, US govt discuss easing aid terms-source
blog (feed #1) 11:57pm Facebook lets users comment on new terms of service
blog (feed #1) 11:57pm UPDATE 1-Onex loss soars, sees "dislocated" credit markets
blog (feed #1) 12:00am UPDATE 1-IROC Energy to sell Envirocore unit assets for $4.8 mln
blog (feed #1) 12:04am UPDATE 1-Petrohawk Energy plans to offer 22 mln shares
blog (feed #1) 12:05am Obama budget sinks stocks as health sector slumps
blog (feed #1) 12:10am Fidelity: Matching contributions key to 401(k) participation
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  • GM future in doubt after $31bn loss: America’s largest carmaker reports a larger-than-expected $9.6bn net loss f.. http://tinyurl.com/cfzmyo
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  • Grübel takes over as chief at UBS: The struggling Swiss banking group has surprised investors with the naming of.. http://tinyurl.com/abft6l
  • AIG considers break-up in bid to stay afloat: AIG and the US authorities are in advanced discussions over a radi.. http://tinyurl.com/dzsdc8
  • President Obama’s budget
    : ‘The really striking thing is the scale of the red ink here’ http://tinyurl.com/ddvt5y
  • RBS taps Treasury for further £25.5bn: The beleaguered bank, already nearly 70% state-owned, is raising another .. http://tinyurl.com/cbq85u
  • Yahoo finance chief departs in executive reshuffling: Yahoo, the internet company beset by a wave of executive d.. http://tinyurl.com/b2v9jk
  • White House to create $634bn health fund : President Barack Obama will announce the creation of a $634bn healthc.. http://tinyurl.com/b7fbe2
  • Wall Street hopeful on Obama budget plans: Wall Street stocks were set to react well this morning to news that P.. http://tinyurl.com/d4w6u7
  • SEC alerted about Stanford in 2003: A whistleblower contacted US regulators more than five years ago with allega.. http://tinyurl.com/cq2o7l
  • Obama forecasts $1.75 trillion deficit: President Barack Obama will forecast a 2009 deficit of $1.75 trillion in.. http://tinyurl.com/dfu68k
  • Saks to end discounts of prestige brands: The troubled US luxury retailer forecasts further falls in sales and a.. http://tinyurl.com/b3xfjc
  • Small is beautiful for Latin American financing: Microcredit has swept through the region and is beginning to of.. http://tinyurl.com/d38lzt
  • BAT lifts dividend after 20% increase in profit: The tobacco industry has secured its reputation as a safe haven.. http://tinyurl.com/bz2dzu
  • Iraq eases terms for oil projects: Companies such as BP, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron and Total will now receive s.. http://tinyurl.com/baeurw

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