Daily Digest for 2009-02-23

blog (feed #1) 1:12am Governors clash over stimulus plan
blog (feed #1) 1:21am Obama to name watchdog to oversee stimulus outlays
blog (feed #1) 2:10am Nikkei falls 1.4 pct after Wall St hit by bank fears (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 2:21am Reality check for Russian mega merger
blog (feed #1) 2:27am Stars, fans converge on Hollywood for Oscar night
blog (feed #1) 2:28am Small China insurers to buy stocks directly-media
blog (feed #1) 2:30am Ask Mint | Personal life insurance plan always advisable
blog (feed #1) 2:40am Cairo hit by deadly bomb blast
blog (feed #1) 2:42am Clinton urges China to buy US Treasury
blog (feed #1) 2:43am More than third of Japan voters want PM to go now (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 2:53am State board backs merger of deaf, blind schools
blog (feed #1) 3:47am FOREX-Dollar eases vs yen, bank nerves keep market wary (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 3:49am US Airways reverses soda stance: won’t charge
blog (feed #1) 3:54am Euro jumps to day’s high after WSJ report on Citi (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 4:21am Sinopec, China firms consider Chemtura assets-report
blog (feed #1) 4:25am S.E.C. Chief Pursues Reversal of Years of Lax Enforcement
blog (feed #1) 4:27am Do you like Helping your Downline
blog (feed #1) 4:29am You have no choice but to make money
blog (feed #1) 4:33am Republican governors split over Obama stimulus
blog (feed #1) 4:38am NH banks decline to take government stimulus mone
blog (feed #1) 4:40am BART holdup victim grabs knife, kills robber
blog (feed #1) 4:46am RPT-GLOBAL MARKETS-Stocks rally, dlr down on relief over Citi (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 4:47am US embargo on Cuba "has failed" : top Republican senator
blog (feed #1) 5:03am How to Get Free Clothes Hangers
blog (feed #1) 5:08am Make Money, Make Money Online, Make Money Now, Make Money Op
blog (feed #1) 5:35am Terror watchdog joins call for Nasa hacker to be tried in UK
blog (feed #1) 5:38am Nigeria joins broadband Internet programme
blog (feed #1) 6:03am Website For Orang Utan Sanctuary Donations Launched
blog (feed #1) 6:12am "Slumdog" en route to big night at Oscars
blog (feed #1) 6:13am Youa.baidu.com Closes Fake Goods Sellers In China
blog (feed #1) 6:18am U.S. government may end up with 40 percent of Citi: reports
blog (feed #1) 6:45am Nationalized UK bank to expand mortgage book
blog (feed #1) 7:37am Beijing Auto denies in talks to buy Chrysler assets
blog (feed #1) 7:40am Wall Street Deserved Its Bonuses
blog (feed #1) 7:56am U.S. stake in Citi may rise to 40 percent: reports
blog (feed #1) 8:00am Rock to expand mortgage lending
blog (feed #1) 8:08am Obama seeks new momentum in pivotal week
blog (feed #1) 8:15am Vattenfall nears $4.5 billion deal for Nuon unit: report
blog (feed #1) 8:31am Philadelphia papers owner files for bankruptcy protection
blog (feed #1) 8:35am Feds question Burris in Blagojevich case: report
blog (feed #1) 9:13am Oscar joy for Slumdog Millionaire
blog (feed #1) 9:56am Treasury considers GM and Chrysler funding options
blog (feed #1) 9:56am Treasury considers GM and Chrysler funding options
blog (feed #1) 10:09am Dealers and dreamers see gold in California housing bust
blog (feed #1) 10:09am Dealers and dreamers see gold in California housing bust
blog (feed #1) 10:10am Freddie Mac investigates self over lobby campaign
blog (feed #1) 10:14am Obama convenes fiscal summit at White House
blog (feed #1) 10:17am "Slumdog Millionaire" wins big at Oscars
blog (feed #1) 10:38am Obama seeks new momentum in pivotal week
blog (feed #1) 10:44am Suspects detained in Cairo blast
blog (feed #1) 10:48am Rock to revive mortgage lending
blog (feed #1) 10:49am Obama to convene fiscal summit at White House
blog (feed #1) 10:50am U.S. economy seen recovering in second half of ‘09: poll
blog (feed #1) 10:59am U.S. economy seen starting recovery in second half of ‘09: poll
blog (feed #1) 10:59am U.S. economy seen starting recovery in second half of ‘09: poll
blog (feed #1) 11:48am Stock futures point to rebound on Citi relief
blog (feed #1) 12:02pm U.S. may up stake in Citi: source
blog (feed #1) 12:05pm Dealers, dreamers see gold in California housing bust
blog (feed #1) 12:33pm U.S. may up stake in Citi: source
blog (feed #1) 12:34pm "Slumdog Millionaire" wins Oscar gold
blog (feed #1) 12:48pm Israel-Hamas arms embargo urged
blog (feed #1) 1:15pm Oil rises on views US may step up banks rescue
blog (feed #1) 1:45pm N Korea ‘deploying more missiles’
blog (feed #1) 1:54pm Vattenfall to buy Nuon for $13.3 billion
blog (feed #1) 2:00pm Obama to name watchdog to oversee stimulus outlays
blog (feed #1) 2:03pm Northern Rock bank to boost UK home loans
blog (feed #1) 2:09pm UBS shares hit new low on U.S. tax probe fallout
blog (feed #1) 2:14pm Guantanamo man flying back to UK
blog (feed #1) 2:19pm Forecasters: Economy worse in ‘09, better in ‘10
blog (feed #1) 2:19pm World markets buoyed by Citigroup report
blog (feed #1) 2:23pm US Airways won’t charge for sodas after all
blog (feed #1) 2:36pm Some U.S. states embrace housing plan, others skeptical
blog (feed #1) 2:46pm Obama stressing fiscal responsibility on budget
blog (feed #1) 2:48pm Pope names Dolan archbishop of New York
blog (feed #1) 4:00pm Money: Northern Rock-23rd Feb 09
blog (feed #1) 4:11pm FOREX-Yen falls as Citi report boosts risk appetite (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 4:20pm *Public Fin expects ‘09 personal loan NPL up 0.3-0.5%
blog (feed #1) 4:25pm Mexico peso strengthens on Citigroup reports (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 4:38pm CANADA STOCKS-TSX gets early boost from energy shares (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 4:40pm U.S. May Draw Citi Into Tighter Embrace
blog (feed #1) 4:40pm CANADA FX DEBT-Canadian dollar up in choppy dealings (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 4:55pm The European Depression? (at Minyanville.com)
blog (feed #1) 5:04pm Financing Obama Stimulus without New Debt or Taxes
blog (feed #1) 5:10pm Himfr.com Analyzes China’s Epoxy Resin Market Prospect
blog (feed #1) 5:10pm Up to 44% of MidEast firms to encrypt data
blog (feed #1) 5:11pm Federal judge protects tycoon in $280,000 sex-for-hire case
blog (feed #1) 5:12pm All about working on internet
blog (feed #1) 5:12pm Form Fright with FAFSA: College Aid Not for the Faint-Hearte
blog (feed #1) 5:14pm Rhode Island HVAC Explains Air Conditioning Efficiency
blog (feed #1) 5:16pm U.S. may boost stake in Citigroup: source
blog (feed #1) 5:19pm Only half of Brits have tracked an ex online
blog (feed #1) 5:19pm Vodafone to cut hundreds of jobs
blog (feed #1) 5:27pm UAW and Ford reach deal over retiree health care
blog (feed #1) 5:27pm 401(k)’s and IRA’s
blog (feed #1) 5:28pm European Union to investigate internet telephony eavesdropping
blog (feed #1) 5:30pm Stocks retreat, dragged by tech shares
blog (feed #1) 5:33pm Tech Stocks: Apple, Oracle lead tech retreat
blog (feed #1) 5:33pm Mass. girl’s OD death could be 1st degree murder
blog (feed #1) 5:40pm Supreme Court won’t hear appeal in Bush al Qaeda plot
blog (feed #1) 6:09pm US Airways to reinstate complimentary beverages
blog (feed #1) 6:13pm Stanford’s Virgin Islands assets not yet seized
blog (feed #1) 6:14pm Obama says help for states to begin soon
blog (feed #1) 6:32pm UAW and Ford reach deal on retiree health care trust
blog (feed #1) 6:32pm UAW and Ford reach deal on retiree health care trust
blog (feed #1) 7:03pm Obama pledges $15B for Medicaid, answers critics
blog (feed #1) 7:05pm Rio may offer notes to all shareholders: report
blog (feed #1) 7:17pm Financial job losses accelerating: U.N. agency
blog (feed #1) 7:24pm Justice Ginsburg returns after cancer surgery
blog (feed #1) 7:36pm Sebelius says has not discussed health post with Obama
blog (feed #1) 7:46pm Obama: Stimulus will be spent quickly, efficiently
blog (feed #1) 7:49pm New U.S. stake in Citigroup won’t fix problems
blog (feed #1) 7:49pm New U.S. stake in Citigroup won’t fix problems
blog (feed #1) 8:00pm Pakistan Taleban in Bajaur truce
blog (feed #1) 8:11pm FTSE closes down 1%
blog (feed #1) 8:13pm NYAG takes Merrill/BofA bonus issue to court
blog (feed #1) 8:13pm Child prostitutes rescued in US
blog (feed #1) 8:15pm Stocks tumble; Dow hits lowest since ‘97
blog (feed #1) 8:19pm Scores of Zimbabwe farms ’seized’
blog (feed #1) 8:25pm S.E.C. Chief Pursues Tougher Enforcement
blog (feed #1) 8:37pm Pelosi sees bankruptcy bill this week
blog (feed #1) 8:38pm Coca-Cola Bottling freezes 401(k) contributions
blog (feed #1) 8:46pm Obama promises to halve deficit
blog (feed #1) 9:27pm Fed’s Lockhart: Losing sleep on commercial property
blog (feed #1) 9:36pm Is Your 401(k) a Ponzi Scheme?
blog (feed #1) 9:38pm Cuomo goes to court to force bonus details from Thain
blog (feed #1) 9:43pm TransCard Provides Cardholders With Personal Financial Management
blog (feed #1) 9:47pm How does the Department of Labor advising 401(k) investors allegedly defrauded by Bernard Madoff to go beyond the Securities Investor Protection Corporation for relief affect the your due diligence process when contracting with plan administrators, consul
blog (feed #1) 9:48pm Obama pledges to cut deficit in half
blog (feed #1) 10:15pm Obama pledges to halve budget deficit in 4 years
blog (feed #1) 10:19pm Freed UK detainee ‘happy to be home’
blog (feed #1) 10:31pm Richest 401(k) participants hit hardest
blog (feed #1) 10:36pm Bank Shares Help Push Market Lower
blog (feed #1) 10:39pm Obama: Stimulus will be spent quickly, efficiently
blog (feed #1) 10:43pm 6 Answers to Key 401(k) Questions
blog (feed #1) 10:59pm Obama urges spending curbs, hands out $15 billion
blog (feed #1) 11:14pm New U.S. stake in Citigroup may not calm doubts
blog (feed #1) 11:33pm Stocks Slump on Corporate Woes; Indexes Fall by 3.4%
blog (feed #1) 11:54pm PR strategy behind PCCW bid
blog (feed #1) 12:00am Bailing out Dubai
blog (feed #1) 12:10am Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland, gives students non-stop Internet freedom with Meru WLAN
blog (feed #1) 12:11am Wall St slides to 12-year low as confidence sinks
blog (feed #1) 12:20am SNAPSHOT – Financial Crisis – 2219 GMT
blog (feed #1) 12:27am Honeywell affirms 2009 earnings outlook
blog (feed #1) 12:28am Hewlett-Packard launches $2.7 billion note sale: report
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blog (feed #1) 12:53am Democrat leader sees bankruptcy bill this week

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