Daily Digest for 2009-02-22

blog (feed #1) 1:06am Obama to allow Bush tax cuts to expire on schedule
blog (feed #1) 1:16am U.S. bank stress tests to show capital needs: source
blog (feed #1) 1:16am U.S. bank stress tests to show capital needs: source
blog (feed #1) 1:33am REFILE-UPDATE – UK’s Brown to visit Washington March 3-WHouse (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 1:46am Obama aims to cut deficit in half by 2013
blog (feed #1) 2:01am Yahoo may reveal revamping next week: report
blog (feed #1) 2:10am U.S. police plan arrest in Chandra Levy murder
blog (feed #1) 2:12am US, China agenda focus on economy, climate change
blog (feed #1) 2:55am Stock Market Update: Large-Cap Tech Supports Nasdaq
blog (feed #1) 3:02am "The Wrestler" wins big at Spirit Awards
blog (feed #1) 3:57am Forex Maestro Trading Robot
blog (feed #1) 4:00am Housing Crisis Moves Beyond Subprime Borrowers
blog (feed #1) 4:01am How to overcome many kinds of debt
blog (feed #1) 4:03am Save money on that macbook laptop
blog (feed #1) 4:10am Atlanta could lose $11.3 million in Federal Money for Jobs
blog (feed #1) 4:13am Make money online for homebased business seekers
blog (feed #1) 4:29am Swelling ranks of US jobless yearn for health insurance
blog (feed #1) 5:13am Protest in Ireland over economic woes
blog (feed #1) 5:18am Australia mourns bushfire victims
blog (feed #1) 6:40am Manisha Thakor and Sharon Kedar: Held Hostage… By Your House
blog (feed #1) 6:56am Blast in China coal mine kills 44, dozens trapped
blog (feed #1) 7:12am Sudan leader set for Cairo talks
blog (feed #1) 8:03am Clinton urges China to keep buying US Treasuries
blog (feed #1) 8:24am Clinton wraps up first Asian trip
blog (feed #1) 8:28am Oscars set to shake up their act
blog (feed #1) 8:40am Minmetals to shop for more Australia mines: Oz CEO
blog (feed #1) 10:20am European leaders eye G20 boost
blog (feed #1) 10:35am Toll climbs in China mine blast
blog (feed #1) 10:48am Clinton says US, China are in the same economic boat (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 10:56am Clinton: diplomat, politician or advice columnist?
blog (feed #1) 10:56am Clinton says U.S. and China are in the same economic boat
blog (feed #1) 11:04am Taleban consider Swat ceasefire
blog (feed #1) 11:11am TODAY ON THE INTERNET/VATICAN – Gli imam parlano tedesco. Presto in Germania la prima scuola (SL)
blog (feed #1) 11:11am TODAY ON THE INTERNET/VATICAN – Libere le due suore italiane rapite in Kenya. La gioia del Papa. (SL)
blog (feed #1) 11:11am TODAY ON THE INTERNET/VATICAN – Il Cardinale Arinze: il mondo non emargini né sfrutti l’Africa (SL)
blog (feed #1) 11:11am TODAY ON THE INTERNET/ITALY – All’inizio del secolo scorso in un’Europa ancora dominata da principi, marchesi, baroni e re
blog (feed #1) 11:37am Investors using 401(k)s to fund business startups
blog (feed #1) 11:48am Governors unlikely to turn down stimulus funds
blog (feed #1) 12:05pm Getting personal finances ship shape
blog (feed #1) 12:53pm Obama aims to halve deficit by 2013
blog (feed #1) 12:53pm Obama aims to halve deficit by 2013
blog (feed #1) 1:56pm Germany to plead for US bailout of Opel
blog (feed #1) 2:03pm Obama aims to control ‘exploding’ deficits
blog (feed #1) 2:20pm Clinton says U.S. and China are in the same economic boat
blog (feed #1) 2:22pm TOPWRAP 2-European leaders eye G20 boost; U.S. to cut deficit (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 2:23pm UPDATE – Clinton ends China visit with church, Web chat (at Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 3:00pm NBAD bags Best Personal Loan Award
blog (feed #1) 3:20pm BB&T Institutional Services rated among top 401(k) providers
blog (feed #1) 3:36pm Clinton: US, China leadership key to aid economy
blog (feed #1) 3:57pm Making Money with Foreclosures
blog (feed #1) 3:57pm Europe backs hedge fund oversight, haven crackdown
blog (feed #1) 4:00pm World’s Friendliest Countries
blog (feed #1) 4:08pm car hire dubai airport – Have more money to spend there
blog (feed #1) 4:16pm Cheap Used Golf
blog (feed #1) 4:31pm When Looking for a Bankruptcy Attorney Online, How do you kn
blog (feed #1) 4:37pm Bux.To Website Review
blog (feed #1) 4:42pm UBS chairman attacked over U.S. tax fraud probe: paper
blog (feed #1) 4:48pm Bush Warns Crist of Florida Not to Take Money from Stimulus
blog (feed #1) 5:05pm Download Real Money Pokerstars
blog (feed #1) 5:06pm Russia’s Deripaska: I do not need state help
blog (feed #1) 5:07pm How to Make Free Money Fast
blog (feed #1) 5:09pm Morgan Stanley & Citi to pay $3 BILLION to retain brokers
blog (feed #1) 5:13pm Poker Players Beating The Credit Crunch!!
blog (feed #1) 5:33pm Europe economies ‘agree need for more regulation’
blog (feed #1) 5:35pm Pirates seize vessel off Somalia
blog (feed #1) 5:58pm European leaders want reform on overseeing markets
blog (feed #1) 6:23pm EU leaders back sweeping financial regulations
blog (feed #1) 6:26pm EU heads back financial clampdown
blog (feed #1) 6:30pm Microsoft unveils new online employment resource
blog (feed #1) 6:36pm Dying British reality TV star marries
blog (feed #1) 6:40pm Republican governors split over Obama stimulus
blog (feed #1) 6:41pm Obama aims to slash budget deficit by half
blog (feed #1) 6:49pm European economies agree need for greater regulation
blog (feed #1) 6:58pm Prison break repeat shocks Greece
blog (feed #1) 7:04pm Bernanke to reassure help is coming for economy
blog (feed #1) 7:04pm Bernanke to reassure help is coming for economy
blog (feed #1) 7:33pm Dubai to take up $10bn UAE loan
blog (feed #1) 8:00pm Yahoo may reveal revamping next week: report
blog (feed #1) 8:02pm First online music festival held for pupils and students
blog (feed #1) 8:08pm BT suspends 30 call centre staff for circulating ‘harmless’ Irish joke by email
blog (feed #1) 8:13pm Antibodies protect against bird flu and more
blog (feed #1) 8:19pm Several injured in blast in Cairo
blog (feed #1) 8:21pm Back for an encore: Pushed by financial necessity and personal fulfillment, some retirees leave behind the golden years for employment
blog (feed #1) 8:28pm ‘Credit card diet’ trend seeks to trim personal budgets
blog (feed #1) 8:47pm Govt committed to fulfilling its promises – Minister Webster
blog (feed #1) 9:01pm PCCW staff protest over pay and job cuts
blog (feed #1) 9:13pm Delphi salaried retirees fight benefit cuts
blog (feed #1) 9:20pm Europe says all markets must be regulated (Reuters)
blog (feed #1) 9:29pm Personal Loans Center – Wedding Loans
blog (feed #1) 9:51pm Hugh Jackman looks to dazzle Oscar watchers
blog (feed #1) 10:13pm The cost of long-term care
blog (feed #1) 10:38pm Asian ministers: uphold free markets in downturn
blog (feed #1) 11:47pm Cutting Personal Insurance Costs in a Bad Economy
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  • Obama aims to halve deficit by 2013: Barack Obama will this week set the goal of halving the budget deficit he i.. http://tinyurl.com/bdga46
  • N Rock to launch mortgage sales drive: Northern Rock is to embark on a £14bn mortgage sales drive to resuscitate.. http://tinyurl.com/dcvc4k

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