Readers split on taking pay cuts to save jobs

Brett Fowkes invested in the American dream. For 28 years, the Las Vegas architect worked hard, and worked even harder to save money. When he parted with his cash, he bought U.S. products, he said. Through the years, Fowkes stayed out of debt and even

Yale says its endowment lost 25 percent since June

BOSTON (Reuters) – Yale University’s endowment has lost 25 percent, or $5.5 billion, in four months, becoming the latest wealthy university to say how much of a bite the current financial crisis has taken out of its finances.

Mexico drug gang likely behind U.S. kidnapping

MONTERREY, Mexico (Reuters) – An American anti-kidnapping expert who was himself abducted last week in northern Mexico was likely snatched by drug traffickers seeking to protect their turf, police said on Tuesday.

Tech stocks rally on rate cut; Nasdaq up 5%

Technology stocks rose sharply Tuesday alongside the broader market following the Federal Reserve’s announcement that it’s slashing interest rates. All tech sectors including Internet, software, chips and hardware saw gains in afternoon action.

Some 30 Russian tourists die in Israel bus crash

EILAT, Israel (Reuters) – A bus full of Russian tourists veered off a desert road in Israel and plunged down a ravine on Tuesday, killing up to 30 people and seriously injuring about a dozen more.

Top New York State court rejects cigarette claim

NEW YORK (Reuters) – New York State’s top court on Tuesday rejected a product liability claim against tobacco companies by smokers who said they should have used lower levels of tar and nicotine.

Saudi Says OPEC Will Cut Output Further

The OPEC cartel plans to slash its oil production by a further 2 million barrels a day, the Saudi oil minister said on Tuesday, as producers struggle to contain a collapse in prices amid a global recession. In addition, producers outside of the cartel,