WWE NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III Results: News, Notes After Asuka’s Streak Continues, Adam Cole Debuts

News and Notes from NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III at the Barclays Center on August 19, 2017.

Australian men charged with terrorism over mosque fires

MELBOURNE (Reuters) – Australian police have charged three men with committing terrorist acts on suspicion of starting fires at a Shiite Muslim mosque in Melbourne last year, inspired by Islamic State and intending to divide the Muslim community.

This Biotech Startup Is Using AI To Help Researchers Develop Cures Quicker

I spoke with Co-Founder Guarav Tripathi about the vision behind Innoplexus, disrupting the medical research industry, and how artificial intelligence is defining the future of modern medicine.

Mass Effect: Andromeda officially shuts down its single-player updates

Anybody who hoped the troubled Bioware game Mass Effect: Andromeda would get some more single-player content should probably sit down. The game developer chose to deliver bad news to fans on Saturday evening via its official blog, confirming that it would not create any more “single-player or in-game story content” for the game.

If you’re anxious to see the game’s loose plot threads receive any resolution, you’ll have to turn to other means. The game’s existing 1.1 patch, which went live nearly three weeks ago, marked the end of any single-player changes, updates, or patches. Multiplayer modes will receive more “story-based APEX missions,” Bioware says, and other stories, including those of the fate of the quarian ark, will be shuffled into “our upcoming comics and novels.”

This confirms a DLC cancellation rumor dug up by Kotaku back in June. According to Kotaku’s sources, EA had already bailed on plans for either add-on DLC or a full-fledged Andromeda 2 sequel after the game’s lukewarm critical and commercial performance.

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