Return Of The Planet Vulcan? How The ‘Fire Planet’ Was Destroyed By Science And How It’s Been Reborn

For many years a hidden planet was thought to exist between Mercury and the Sun. Consigned to history by the calculations of Albert Einstein and the observations of two British astronomers on a rainy African island, this is the story of the planet Vulcan and its happy ending.

Asia stocks flat as trade worries linger, Europe to open higher

Asian stock markets were mixed on Friday, with sentiment torn between investors worried that the U.S.-China trade war was becoming more protracted, and others hopeful that the world’s two largest economies would reach a settlement soon.

‘He is letting his skills lie in a pile and deteriorate’ – Khan not doing enough, says trainer

Amir Khan is letting his skills deteriorate and is not doing enough to compete at the elite level, says trainer Virgil Hunter.